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Smart-Sani, Based in England, Has been producing Shower Drains since 2007. The rich catalogue also presents Bathroom Brass-ware like Bidet Sprays, House and Cancealed Valves. The range of materials available is equally wide. Depending on the model, you can choose from stainless steel, brass or PVC.

Thanks to these characteristics and their elegant versatility , Smart-Saini solution are used in residential buildings, hotels, offices, hospitals, schools, factories, beauty spas and ships.


The Stainless Steel and PVC Shower drains are produced and finished in Smart-Saini manufacturing facilities. The management of the entire production cycle have enabled us to quickly productions but with a degree of flexibility, thereby assuring compliance with quality standards for which Smart-Saini products are known.


Smart-Sanis’ commercial organization is based in the UK and abroad, using a network of Distributor And agents who promote. Our products to customers across various countries.

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