Brand: NewLine

Product Code: 5061.MY050.15.1

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Wet room floor drain Adjustable Body, Stainless Steel Grill, Bitumen Membrane -210MM - Horizontal Side Outlet trap 50mm Ø waste. Square 150x150mm, Flap Odour Holder

A square shower waste with a stylish stainless steel grate, designed for wet room shower trays. Manufactured to fit UK standard plumbing pipework.

  • Brushed Stainless Steel Grate

  • Easy to install with adjustable height

  • Grate size: 150x150mm

  • Removable hair trap siphon

  • High flow trap with Bitumen membrane

  • Horizontal Outlet Floor Drain

  • Material: ABS plastic + Thick Stainless Steel

  • Compatible with 50mm pipework